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It is our mission to provide a safe, secure place for EVERYONE who pr actices Ethical Non-Monogamy (OR BDSM/Kink) to be whoever they are and express themselves however they want to.


Polyamorous? Swinger? Kinkster? Open relationship? Single? Gay? Bi-Sexual? Straight?

YOU are welcome at AE!! As long as you are an ADULT, practicing Ethical Non-Monogamy in ANY form OR Kink/BDSM, can be respectful, follow the rules and play nice…….YOU will be welcome at AE with open arms!


First and foremost, the owners themselves practice Ethical non-Monogamy, so we understand what is important!
What matters! And what works!

Anything Erotic (AE!) is an online based social platform for those who choose Ethical non-Monogamy, no matter how you practice! We also have expanded and welcome those who may be monogamous, but are into BDSM/Kink as well, giving them a safe and secure place to share their experiences and stories. We have been around in the Alberta, Canada area now for over 5 years and started out using a free instant messaging app. Our little community grew so large, that we felt it was time to expand and make things BIGGER and BETTER and offer even MORE features! 


0 censorship. (Other than Beastiality and Child Pornography, of course!)

NO social media bans.

NO Bots.

NO paid advertisements or Spam.

NO tiered memberships.
One low price gives you FULL access, to chatrooms, forums, private messages, your own blog, your own profile, space to share photos and soon, videos and much, much more! 

No “FAKE” profiles or members pretending to be who they aren’t.

NO old, stale profiles, of people who haven’t logged in for several months.

5+ events per month, ranging from Meet and Greets to “Play” events.

We pass along savings with local vendors, clubs, etc to YOU, our members….we DO NOT profit off of ANY of our events!




Is required to go through our screening process, sign a digital copy of our Non-Disclosure agreement and provide a specific verification photo containing government issued I.D.

Now, before you run away, hear us out…

We DO NOT keep any of this personal information on the website itself, not even your real names. Those are all locked away safely in our membership database OFF of the website itself, keeping your personal information safe. We do NOT want or need to see your address, your height, your weight, your driver’s license number…..etc. Those personal details can be scratched out of your photo. All we need to see is your legal name so that we can cross reference it with your NDA, your picture so that we can verify it matches your verification photo and your date of birth so that we know you are an adult.



Hit that join button and fill out our membership form. One of our team members will be in touch as quickly as possible with your NDA and verification photo request….but this won’t happen until you click on the link, to verify your email address. (Keep an eye on your email for this! And don’t forget to watch your spam folder! Should you not receive your documents within 24 hours, please email us at

***PLEASE NOTE: You will NOT have access to our member’s only area until your documents are received and approved. Once you are approved and activated on the site, you will have full access to all of our features in the member’s only area.

Here are a few fun facts about Anything Erotic:

Fun Fact #1: We only use photos of our current, active members on the site! (with their permission, of course!)
So you are already seeing a preview of some of our REAL members!!

Fun Fact #2: We also do member purges every 30 and 60 days respectively! So our site is not bogged down with people who don’t even login anymore! — If you feel you need more flexibility in this time frame, as you will not be very active, THAT’S OK! Just tell us that and we will be sure to note this on your profile! We are all adults, and all have busy lives……WE GET IT! 

Fun Fact #3: We plan a minimum of FIVE monthly events, ranging from meet & greets to full out PLAY parties! This means there are many opportunities for you to connect with other members OFFLINE, face-to-face.


We have a kick-ass social section that is very familiar and easy to use! You can add friends, send instant messages, post daily photos/status updates, etc. We have forums, chat rooms, groups, photos, classifieds, blogs……and we’re just getting started! We are already getting to work on many, MANY exciting upgrades….but those are going to be kept under wraps until we are ready to roll them out 😉


If everything we have said already hasn’t convinced you, then maybe this will……our fees are VERY low, comparatively. And we don’t have any of those hidden “tiered membership” fees either. ONE low price gets you FULL access to ALL features on the site. We are also offering a free 30-day trial! Plus…… we grow……..we will have members AROUND THE WORLD. Moving? Traveling? Work away from home? Anything Erotic will provide you with a place to meet people wherever life takes you! SAFE, VERIFIED, RELIABLE people…….just like you!

What are you waiting for? Hit that JOIN NOW button and come on inside and check us out! Enjoy the freedom to express yourself however you want, without fear of being banned. Or outted. Drama free. No judgment.

We hope to see you on the site soon! — The AE Team


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I have met some of the most incredible people in my life at Anything Erotic and am finally comfortable being ME.

T.D. — Edmonton, Alberta

I have found a safe and nurturing place to express all parts of my sexuality without judgement from others.

H.L. — Edmonton , Alberta

Anything Erotic is a safe and fun haven for anyone in the lifestyle no matter what your niche is.

C.F. — Edmonton, Alberta

Anything Erotic has opened my eyes to a new lifestyle that fits my wants and needs. It has helped me grow as a person, and the support from everyone in the grouphas been exponential in any area.

E.L. — Edmonton, Alberta

Anything Erotic is an amazing safe place to meet new and exciting people and explore your sexuality.

R.D. — Edmonton, Alberta

When I joined Anything Erotic a year and a half ago I was a naive, shy, "vanilla" girl that didn't feel confident in my own skin. Now I would say the very opposite is true! I found everyone at AE so open, welcoming and encouraging that I was really able to explore my sexuality and my kink side.

L.F. — Stony Plain, Alberta

Anything Erotic has an incredible assortment of features that most other sites/apps do not have and at a fraction of the price. Top notch people too, proud to be a member!

D.Z. — Edmonton, Alberta

So far we are enjoying the site. Everyone is very nice and we love the ability to post without fear of being sent to jail lol

C&S — Edmonton, Alberta